Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 granola bar 90 calories
1 bottle of skinny water Acai Grape Blueberry 16 oz no calories.

2 cups of water 0 cal

Lunch: 1 cup water
Campbells Select Harvest Healthy Request Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla soup 250 cal.

Snack 100 calorie oreo thin crisps
2 cups of water

3 cups of water
I was planning on eating a salad again but David brought home left over roast with vegetables so I i got a small portion of that which I am guessing was about 300 calories
4 apple slices 20 calories

Total calories 760

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 1

Breakfast: Energy drink 80 calories
1 Nature Valley Oats N Honey granola bar 90 calories.
2 cups of water
At Target yesterday I found an energy drink I though might be like the Vitamin Energy but it wasnt. I love that Vitamin energy drink that you guys drink. So if you ever see it in a store please let me know.

Lunch: Campbells Select Harvest Light Vegetable and Pasta soup 120 calories
2 cups of water. (I am a peeing machine.)

Side NoTE My dad started his diet last week he is doing Nutrasystem. So far he says their food is not so great at least the soups arent. Anyways last week he had already lost 6 pounds. He said the first day he couldnt stay out of the bathroom. I told him he probably lost the 6 six pounds that first day. Pure water weight. He tried to start walking around his job at night and he fell because the sidewalk was uneven. Poor daddy. I am very proud of him for making the attempt to start dieting. He wanted to do the lap band but decided to try this first. GO DAD!!!!

Dinner: 2 cups of water
Salad (lettus, chicken, cheese and ranch dressing) 235 calories
1/2 an orange 40 calories.

Total calories 565

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday still havent started....

Breakfast: 1 big bowl of frosted flakes.
Lunch: Sloppy Joe sandwich cheetos
1 dr pepper
1 cup of water
Dinner: Dr pepper, 3 egg rolls

I went grocery shopping so if everything goes as planned I will start my diet tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not yet..

Today is Saturday, I will start my diet on Monday. I have never been able to follow through with a diet in less I start it on Monday. Also when I go to the grovery store tomorrow I will have to buy some more healthy options than what I currently have. (hee hee) Anyways I guess I can say what I have eaten today.
For breakfast I had to breakfast tacos that were made with sausage, bell peppers, onions 1 egg and a tad bit of cheese wrapped in a tortilla. 1 cup of water
Oh wait I had a chocalate chip cookie too.
Lunch I had a turkey sandwich with pringles and two pickles.
1 Dr. Pepper
1 cup of water
Chicken fajita with bell peppers and onions
Rice and beans
1 energy drink
chips and salsa
too many cookies.