Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Monday

I was running late to work today so I didnt get to drink my water this morning. I even forgot to take my vitamins, so I am so sleepy and dont have a lot of energy. I actually mowed the grass yesterday and did some weed eating for my first time ever. My body is a little achy from that and my arms are a lot sunburned from it.

Breakfast 1 Kashi granola bar 90cal.
16oz of Vitamin water 100 cal.

Lunch Campbells Select Harvest Southwestern Style vegetable soup 100 cal.
16 oz of water.


  1. mowing the lawn is a great workout! Sorry about your arms, they did look red after our lake outing.

  2. hey karen, are the boys still feeling well?

    so how'd you like mowing? it's lots of work, but i love doing yard work!

  3. Sorry I have been feeling so bad with my sinus infection.

  4. oh yuck. i hope you get to feeling better.

  5. I am feeling so much better today compared to Tuesday and Wednesday. How is Presley?

  6. well, she never had symptoms of in that respect she feels fantastic! The mouth ulcer on th eother hand is a different story! It still hurts her to eat foods and some drinks burn it. it looks a ton better though! Maybe by early next week it'll be gone. And seriously, I know they said the strep test came back positive, but I almost thing the tests were swaped or something....seriously, i've seen her with strep too many times and she had NO symptoms!

    So when do you guys want to go back for a day trip?

    and I am having a garage sale soon...well maybe in a month or so. do you want to join in?

  7. We would love to go back for a day trip however our weekends are pretty full the end of July at least for right now. That lake was beautiful. No on the garage sale though. i just dont have time any time soon to get all that stuff together.

  8. Mowing the lawn is an awesome workout. I used to love doing in up north because the weather was always so nice (in the summer) and there was no risk of getting burned. I won't do it here's too hot. Weeding, on the other hand, is not my thing but something I always get stuck doing.