Monday, June 15, 2009

Here we go again

Ok here's to another new start

1 c water while getting ready for work.

Breakfast 8:30 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal.
16 oz of vitamin water 100 cal.

Lunch 12:15 1 Can of pregresso Santa Fe Style Chicken and Rice soup 160 cal.
I was thinking I wouldnt like this soup but to my surprise I did.
16 oz of water.

Snacks 2:30 Kashi Dark Chocolate cherry chewy 120 cal.
8 oz of water

2 pieces of gum 10 cal.

Dinner 7:45 Chicken Salad 100 cal.
6 small crackers 30 cal
6 small grapes 15 cal.
16 oz of water

Total: 625 cal.
( I will update tomorrow if I eat anything else.)


  1. hey. how was ur weekend?

    alright....let's not stray anymore and get down to the business of getting our pre-baby bodies back!

    have a great day! word verification for this post is "belly". that means we better work on our bellies.

  2. It was ok, nothing to exciting. How was yours? Do you know if Liza is still gonna post while she is out of town?

  3. hmmmm, i dunno know if she'll post while she is gone. if she does, it probably won't be for a few days. she's got lots of catching up to do with her family.

    our weekend was fine. presley is still kinda in pain from that ulcer, so we took it easy and got soem stuff for the house.