Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So much for full force but I am hanging in there.
1 cup of water while getting ready for work.

Breakfast 8:15 1 Almond Crunch Kashi bar 90 cal.
16 oz of water.
3/4 cup of coffee 200 cal. (lots of cream and sugar)

Lunch 12:50 Campbells Select Harvest Chicken with Egg Noodles 240 cal.
3 pieces of Dark chocolate 126 cal.


  1. what do you mean so much for full force? i think you are doing great!

  2. Oh because I was wanting to exercise and cut out my snacks. Oh good luck with Presleys test tomorrow.

  3. thanks. i haven't told her about it yet. she tends to stress if she is faced with something that she fears will hurt her. i'll wake her in the morning and tell her when we are on our way.

    oh, it's hard to quit snacking! I did a ton of it yesterday. My sweet tooth was acting up bad!