Wednesday, February 3, 2010



I was bad last night I had lots of late night snacks. :( I found a weight watchers recipe that I have to try. Its just a regular box of brownies and a can of black beans. You dont add oil or eggs. You puree the black beans with water. They are only two points a brownie however they should make 20 brownies.

8 oz water while getting ready for work

Breakfast 1 Nature Valley granola bar 95 cal.
6 oz water

Lunch Progresso Santa Fe style chicken soup 160 cal.
24 oz water.

Dinner Pork chop, tortilla w/cheese, and some pickles.
16 oz water.


  1. Sweets and black beans! My two favorites! I am going to have to try that! If you try it before me, let me know if it's worth the time and effort!

  2. Its a weight watchers recipe and everyone says its really good, and you cant even tell that it has beans.