Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day

16 oz of water while getting ready for work

Breakfast 1 Nature valley granola bar 90 cal.
8 oz of coffee 250 cal.

16 oz of water
1 chocolate chip cookie (? cal.)

Lunch Chicken and vegetable soup 140 cal.
8 oz of water.

Snacks 1 oatmeal raisin cookie
1 Kashi bar 120 cal.
16 oz of water

Dinner 1/2 of a small chicken and veggie pizza
8 oz of water
5 grapes.

We were celebrating my bosses birthday today thats why i ate the cookies. They were so good. They came from a bakery by SMU. The first time i thought i was grabbing an oatmeal raisin cookie but it ended up being choco chip so this afternoon I had to go find an Oatmeal raisin one since that was what I originally wanted.

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