Tuesday, September 15, 2009


No water while getting ready. We have a filter on our refrigerator but I filled up a whole bunch of containers and the last one was my cup and the water in it tastes like plastic. So I couldnt drink it I had to pour it out and get more, which means its cold and its really hard for me to drink cold water fast.

Breakfast Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal.
8 oz of coffee 300 cal. (I am guessing cause I have no clue.)

Lunch I went out to eat with my parents. I went to Highland Park Cafeteria again. It was actually good this time.
I had a serving of chicken tetrazini, a serving of corn and 1/4 serving of spinach.
8 oz of water. (not sure of the calories)

Snack 16 oz of water
1 Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond kashi bar 130 cal. It was my first time to try this and I didnt really like it that much I will just stick with my dark chocolate cherry kashi bars.

Dinner 1 chicken breast 1/2 cup of herb and butter rice and 1/4 cup of green beans.
16 oz of water.

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