Friday, July 31, 2009


16 oz of water while getting ready for work

Breakfast 8:30 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal
16 oz of vitamin water 100 cal

Lunch 12:30 Progresso Light Southwestern Style chicken soup 140 cal(I think)
8 oz of water


  1. how do you not get hungry through out the day? i am starving about 15 minutes later if i just eat a granola bar. are you taking vitamins or supplements or anything like that?

  2. oh, are you doing the oktoberfest with us this year? the boys would LOVE it! I think we are getting a room again and cookout all weekend again. that was fun last year!

  3. I Amazingly dont get hungry in the morning probably cause of the water I drink in the morning. Before I come to work I take my B-12 and Biotin vitamins. Then after lunch I take my One A Day with green tea multi vitamin which gives me a little pick me up. I am not sure about Oktoberfest. When do you have to know by, whether or not we are gonna do it? I hate to say yes or no now cause I am so fickle. Oh and I am gonna have Aidens birthday party on Sat the 26th, which is his actual birthday.