Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today our routine was a little different cause my kids went to my parents house instead of my inlaws.
8oz of water while getting ready for work

8:30 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal
8 oz of vitamin water 50 cal.

11:00 16oz of water

12:15 1 Can of progresso Light Italian style vegetable soup 120 cal.
8 oz of water

3:00 Kashi bar 120 cal.
8oz of water

6:15 1 mile walk

7:30 Mamwich sandwich (1 whole bun with 1/4 cup of hamburger meat and sauce)
Dont know how many calories I will just guess. 350 cal

Total 730 calories.

Hey does anyone remember the name of the websit you can go to and it tells you how many calories are in a lot of the foods?


  1. At work I do ok its when I get home I want to eat everything in sight. I made lemon bars on Sunday and yesterday they kept calling my name, so I made David take a big chunk with him to work. I might have to do that again today until they are gone.