Friday, May 15, 2009


8oz water while getting ready for work.

Breakfast 8:30 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal.
16 oz of vitamin water 100 cal.

Lunch 12:30 1/2 of a Turkey Club with Avocado wrap 250 calories
24oz of water.

Snack 3:00 Some sort of desert. I think it was bread pudding maybe. I was hesitant to eat it but it was actually pretty good. Maybe 350 cal.

Dinner 7:00 8oz steak, one small corn on the cob with I cant believe its not butter, and a couple bites if a baked potato. Aiden ended up eating almost my whole potato. That stinker.

Late night snakc Skinny cow little dipper ice cream.
Skinny cow has great ice creams! Love them.


  1. that tirkey wrap sounds good! what kind of bread do you use, or is it a tortilla?

  2. Its a green tortilla. I am not sure what kins it is very good. Its from Target. I bought a new cookbook with one of my giftcards. I bought Hungry Girls 200 recipes under 200 calories.

  3. let me know if you see any good recipes. could you post some? yummm!!!!!! my crappy lunch left me hungry :( I am sooooo going way over my points today! Oh well! so what are you guys doing this weekend?

  4. I am not sure what we are gonna do it depends on the weather.

  5. You are an awesome water drinker! I really need to drink more water...I always seem to find something else to drink!