Thursday, May 21, 2009


Breakfast: 1Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal.
16oz of vitamin water 100 cal.

Lunch: 1 Can of Progresso Light Vegetable with Barley soup 120 cal.
24oz of water

I eat the same breakfast and lunch basically when I am work. I have just found that consistency works better for me. Soups are easy to take with me and warm up. I guess I am on a soup kick cause I just love them. Plus I am getting some vegetable too. Even the first time 5 years ago when I lost 40 pounds I ate the same thing every day. Like right now I really feel like I can lose more weight if I would just stick to my diet on Friday nights and weekends. Its just so hard. Like right now I am craving some Gloria's food. So i think I might go there Friday or Saturday.

Snack 2:30 Kashi Dark Chocolate cherry chewy 120 cal. (These have 3 less sugar grams than a regular granola bar)
24oz of water
1 piece of gum 5 cal.

Dinner 7:00 Quesadilla (1/4 cup spinach 3oz Chicken, little bit of onion and 1/4 cup of maozzarella cheese on a whole wheat tortilla.) 340 cal.
I ate a couple bites of Davids hamburger helper while I cooked it so I will add on
50 cal.
16oz of water.

Total 825 calories.

That Spinch qesadilla is what I was wanting from Glorias so now I dont crave Glorias as much!

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  1. Consistency works better for me too. That's why I usually eat the same foods. My husband thinks that's so boring but it works for me so I'm sticking to it.
    Right now I am working hard to tone up my body. We are going to San Antonio in a couple of weeks and I want to look good just in case I run into an old classmate. I always seem to run into someone I knew back in high school whenever we take a trip there and I always look so awful (frizzy pouffy hair, dry skin, etc.) so this time I am going to be prepared (and am going to look good, good, good...hopefully).