Thursday, May 14, 2009


Breakfast 8:30 1 nature Valley Granola bar 90 calories
16oz of Vitamin Water 100 calories.

Guys I am so not motivated to diet this week I dont even feel like writing it down but I will struggle through my hard times. My face is still breaking out even after I have quit taking my diet pills that have so much caffiene in them. I dont know what to do about my face which also makes me depressed.

Lunch 12:30 Chicken Tortilla Soup 260 calories.
24oz of water.

Snack Chips ahoy thin crisps 100 calories

Dinner 1 cup of corn, 3oz of chicken, and 1/2 cup of some garlicky potroast frozen mixture that wasnt very good. I will say it was all maybe 500 calories

Went for a mile walk/run with the family

Came home and drank about 16oz of water.

Total 1050 calories.


  1. i don't know what it is. I'm not very motivated this week either...also trying to push thru.

    What diet pills were you using (those things scare me)? Did you buy that Proactive stuff you were talking about a while back? You could visit a dermatologist. You may need an antibiotic or something to help. That Proactive is really suppose to help though.

    You know, I notice you pretty much eat the same thing for breakfst and lunch. Maybe you could try some new stuff. Maybe, mentally, you are getting bored with soups and gronola bars.

  2. I'm not motivated either :(
    I think your right Tonya. I kind of eat and snack on the same stuff too.
    Maybe I'm bored.
    All I know is I'm out of sorts this week.
    I think it may also be all this darn rain!

  3. THey were Lipo 6. They were not helping me to lose weight but They gave me energy and made me feel great, there were no lows when it wore off either. However i quit them cause they had a lot of caffeiene in them. The regular coke caffiene doesnt even make me feel like that. Anyways I dont think its the granola and soups it's probably the sweets, caffeiene and the stress. I just wanted to cure it myslef but I just might have to go to a dermatoligist but I can't anytime soon cause we are swamped at work for a while. Also I have been using some stuff similar to Proavtive but it doesnt seem to be helping at all.

  4. I'm been feeling the same too...I've had to force myself to go out for my walks and runs. My husband walks everyday but I think he's only gone for one walk this week. I think it's the weather. It's so hot outside and I know I'd rather be inside where it's nice and cool. Or if I do go out, the heat sucks the energy out of me and I end up taking naps or just laying around.