Monday, May 11, 2009


I agree guys today is a new day. I also ate badly on the weekend.

Beakfast: 1 Nature Valley granola bar. 90 calories 2pts
16 oz of Vitamin Water 10 20calories

Lunch: Campbells Italian style wedding soup 260 calories 5pts.
24oz of water

Snack Chips ahoy thin crisps 100 calories 2pts
24oz of water

Dinner: Side sald with a little bit of added chicken and light ranch dressing. 250 calories
3/4 of a leftover beef hotdog from yesterday. 105 calories
1/2 cup of diet cherry 7-up
2 cups of water.

I think I am just going to post calories from now on no more points for me.

Late Night Snack Skinny cow ice cream sandwich 140 cal.

Total calories 965 calories


  1. i love the cherry 7-up. i think i actually like it better than coke zero.

  2. GASP, really?
    I am so in love with Cherry coke zero right now, maybe it has alot to do with Caffeine.
    But have to agree, diet Cherry 7-up is one of mine and Nick's faves.

  3. so how was yesterday? when are you going to post pics and stories?

  4. Yesterday was very nice and relaxing.
    Oh and I do like the 7-up better than the cherry coke 0.