Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 33

1 cup of water while getting ready.

Breakfast:8:30 1 Nature valley granola bar 90 calories 2pts
16oz of Vitamin water 10 20cal. 0pts

My coworker brought bagels, so I am trying not to get one but gosh I am so close.

Lunch 12:30 Progresso Light Vegetable and noodle soup 120 calories 2pts.
3 cups of water.

I still havent gotten a bagel but still so want one.

Snack 2:00 100 calorie chips ahoy thin crisps 2 pts

Snack 5:45 Lorna Doone cookies 100 calories 2 pts. I am so sleepy I guess thats why I am snacking again.

Dinner 8:30 1 cup of goulash 400 calories (guesstimate) 1/2 cup of corn 60 calories 9pts(guesstimate)
3 cups of water

Skinny cow ice cream 140 calories to lazy to look at the points will look tomorrow.