Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 38

Today is my birthday!
I didnt really get to drink any water while getting ready this morning. On the news they were saying there was an accident and was backed up my way and that you should leave 45 minutes earlier. Well that was out of the question. I was freaking out about meing late to work today. However I called Dave and he told me to take the kids to his job and he would take them to him moms house. Whew what a relief. So instead of being late to work today I was 30 minutes early.

Breakfast: 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal. 2pts
16oz of vitamin water 100cal 2pts (Thats what it says, well that bites.)

Lunch: My parents came and took me to lunch to Marianos Mexican restaurant. I had a cheese enchilada with rice, beans and of course chips and hot sauce. 3 cups of water. I know I went way over my calories but I just didnt want a salad today. I normally get what I got plus a taco, but I decided against the taco today.

Snack: 3 cowboy cookies (for my birthday)
24 oz of water.

Dinner: Big bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce. 1 piece of wheat toast.
1 cup of water.

1.39 mile walk with the kids.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day and eat lots of cake. Calories don't count on birthdays.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    So whatcha doing tonight?
    Who's all going friday night to Tejano's?

  3. My dad took me out to lunch today so thats why David took me out last night so I wouldnt have two big meals in one day. Not sure who all is going on Friday.

  4. Wow, so what did you have today? Are the boys making you a cake?

    I am so looking foward to some tamales and a margarits! I wonder how many calories are in those puppies!

  5. R UR parents going Friday night?

  6. Tejanos is one of my fav mexican restaurant. No they wont be going thats why they came and took me to lunch today. We went to Marianos today.

  7. oh, okay, do you want me to call and reserve a table for about 20 for 730 for you??

  8. Sure if you want to thats fine, just let me know if you don't.

  9. i just called & am waiting on a call back.