Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1 cup of water while getting ready for work. I did some sit ups and some stretches. I dont think I am gonna walk tonight in the heat.

Breakfast 8:30 1 Nature valley granola bar 90 cal.
16oz of Vitamin Water 100 cal.

Lunch 12:15 Campbells Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg noodles 240 calories
16oz of water

Snack 2:30 Kashi Dark chocolate and cherry chewy. 120 calories
24oz of water

Dinner 6:45 Chicken salad (chicken, lots of celery and relish, with a tad bit of miracle whip.) 125 calories
10 small special K wheat crackers 50 calories
1/4 cup of potato salad 150 calories (I am guessing)

Total: 875 calories

Ok I will update tomorrow if I eat anymore. Lately after the kids go to sleep I just want to munch. So we will see how I do tonight.

I didnt do so good I had a piece of left over cake. I dont know how many calories.
Oh yes and I ate some girl scout cookies thin mints. I did throw the last couple away. The good news is I think all the sweets are gone now.


  1. Hey Hey!!! What's up? Did you gusy get the kiddos playset set up yet?

  2. No thats what David wants to try to do on Saturday.