Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1 cup of water while getting ready.
I forgot to take my multi vitamin so I hope I do ok today as far as energy.

Breakfast 8:30 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal
16 oz of Propel Grape Water. 20 cal. I bought a case of this and didnt realize it has high fructose corn syrup in it. BOOOO. Oh well I have to drink but I sure as heck wont buy it again.

I actually only drank half of the propel.

Lunch 12:15 Eating Right Tomato Basil soup with pasta 150 cal.
24oz of water

Snack Kashi Dark chocolate cherry chewy 120 cal.

Dinner 6:45 1 Mamwich sandwich (only used 1/4c or 2oz of meat) 300 cal.
Little bit of asparagus 20cal.
3 cups of water.
3 grapes 10 calories

No walk today.

Total 700 calories.

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