Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday day 36

I had David measure my height last night. I am 5'5 and something eights pretty close to 5'6 but not quite. That makes me feel a tab bit better.

Breakfast 1 Nature Valley granola bar. 90 calories 2pts. (I also do well with routine.)
12oz of Vitamin water 10 20calories

Lunch: 1 can of Progresso Vegetable soup 120 calories 2pts.
24oz of water

I didnt bring a snack so wonder how I will do this afternoon.

Dang it I gave in and had a snack.
Snack: Another granola bar 90 cal 2pts.
24oz of water.
1 1/2 pieces of gum 8 cal.

Dinner: Chicken Salad with a few crackers. 185cal, 4pts
Couple bites of the kids fish sticks with mac and cheese 100 calories 2pts.

Walked a little over a mile around the block with the boys. Then came home and drank 3 more cups of water.

Total: 613 calories 12pts

Oh by the way I have another blog now. The link is

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