Thursday, January 7, 2010


I think I put the wrong year on my other blog...hmm? Anyways today has been different. I had to drive on ice. It took me an hour and a half to drop off the kids. I was an hour late to work.

Breakfast 10:00 6oz of coffee 200 cal.
No granola bar. It was too late.

Lunch Vegetable soup. It was homeade so I have no idea on the calories. I will just say 150 cal.
The story behind that is I had my regular soup but my cup tipped over in the microwave so I luckily my coworkers rushed to my rescue with their soups. Guess everyone likes to eat soup in the winter. This soup is might good though I will have to get the recipe.
16 oz of water.

Snack 1 piece of gum 5 cal.
16 oz of water

Dinner 6:30 1/4 of a Totinos Cheese pizza(2 slices) 156 calories
David made sloppy Jo stuff but I just didnt like the way it smelled so I ate pizza with the boys. 16 oz of water.

Total 511 Calories
Hmm it feels like I have eaten more than that.

Oh David was taunting me by talking about making a cookies and cream shake. He through out the cherry pie though. However when you get blue bell vanilla ice cream with oreo cookies in it, it taste just like blue bell cookies and cream. My fav!


  1. yummy. love homemade soups! I want to try to make a chicken torilla soup! sounds good!

    i bet yoru nerves were shot after driving on ice! mine would have been! glad you made it safe!

  2. Tell Dave to be nice! They have low fat Cookies and Cream ice cream.

  3. Thank Goodness you make to safely to work!!!!! Frozen ice is so dangerous!
    Yogurt ice cream and those skinny cow ice cream is the way to go. But I know what you mean about the cookies n cream ice cream. It's a make weakness for me. I try to keep that stuff out of the house!
    I am making chicken tortilla soup today but it's the lazy way. I just chopped up my left over rotisairre (gosh I can never spell that right) chicken, and add it to 2 cans chicken broth and two cans (or one if you don't want to many tomatoes) of rotello salsa (it's got chunks of tomato). I heat it up on the stovetop, serve a bowl, add corn chips and cilatro and cheese and you've got tortilla soup. Takes like 10 minutes (or less) to make and it's pretty decent. I like it!

  4. oops just saw my typo..I meant Thank Goodness you made it safely to work!