Monday, January 4, 2010

01/04/2010 Fresh new start

Ok I couldnt exactly call this post day 1 since the one right below has that same title. I didnt do so good over the holidays well actually since it started getting cold. I have gained a good 5 pounds. Two of my sister in laws got engaged over Christmas so that is part of my motivation this time. I have to lose some weight before its time for their weddings. However I also need to fit and feel comfortable in my clothes again. They are quite snug. My body is so out of whack from the holidays. I ate so much that my body feels so uncomfortable, even before I have eaten anything it feels like that.

Breakfast 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 cal.
16 oz of water.
8 oz of coffee 300 Cal. (I think)

I am going to try and give up coffee but I just couldnt do it. I held out until about 10:00 and couldnt take it anymore and had to get a cup. I was dead tired. If I get enough sleep tonight I will try and not have coffee tomorrow.

Lunch 1 can of Progresso Light Chicken Vegetable Rotini soup 140 cal.
8 oz of water

Snack 16 oz of water
1 piece of gum 5 cal.

Dinner 1 chicken breast 350 calories (Again I am guessing)
8 oz of water

Total 885 calories.

Hopefully I dont have to add to this in the morning. There is some cherry pie in there and I was looking hard at it.

Just an update. I didnt eat the pie! Woo hoo


  1. give up coffee???? I just bought a coffee maker last night to start making coffee. And I bought soem Truvia for it. I think it's liek 5 calories a pack and one pack is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of real sugar.

    And those two getting married are also my added motovation!

    BTW, you've done great this mornig!

    I am glad we are back!

  2. 300 calories for coffee??? What do you put in your coffee? When I drink coffee, I just put in some creamer, no sugar. I prefer tea because I can drink it without putting anything in it which saves some calories.
    I was bad this holiday season too. I ate a lot of stuff that I don't normally eat so I've been feeling so sick lately (nausea, headaches, tummyaches, extreme exhaustion). At first I thought it was a cold but it started when I started eating the off limits foods so I am pretty sure it's the food. OH well, it was fun while it lasted. Now it's time to get back on track.
    I am so excited about this. It's so nice to see everybody back! Keep up the good work! You're doing awesome!

  3. If I drink coffee it has to taste good. I load it up with sugar and creamer. I actually bought some fat free creamer Sunday in case I cant give it up. Today i was desperate so to make up for the calories I am not eating an afternoon snack. Plus I forgot to bring one to work anyway.

  4. I'll let you know how that Truvia tastes.