Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/23/10 & 1/24/10


Breakfast Nature valley granola bar 95 cal

Lunch Went to the bridal show today and filled up on a whole bunch of samples. The cake samples alone were probably way to many calories.

Dinner I had lots and lots of chips and hot sauce, chicken taco salad, soft serve ice cream, and a sopapilla.

I probably had about 6 cups of water all throughout the day.
I feel miserable. Cheat days suck and aren't worth it!


Breakfast 1 nature valley granola bar 95 cal
I made brownies and licked the batter 50 cal
16 oz water

Lunch chicken taco 200 cal
8 oz water

16 oz water

Dinner 1 cheese enchilada with chili
1/2 cup retried beans
24 oz water

Lunch 1 chicken taco 200 cal.
8 oz water

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