Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 10

Oh gosh I am in the same boat with you guys. I stayed up late last night foldiong all the laundry. I had weeks piled up. So I didnt get a lot of sleep and on top of all that I have really bad sinuses today. I feel like crap. I didnt even drink any water this morning when i was getting ready.
When I got to work I wanted coffee so bad but I finally decided against it. Then I was like ok well I need an energy drink, but I finally convinced myself it wasnt worth the calories today. So here goes
Breakfast: 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 calories
16oz Skinny Water Acai Grape Blueberry 0 calories

Lunch: Campbells Select harvest Chicken with Egg Noodles 240 calories
24oz water.

I so just want to go home and go to bed but I can't. Plus when I get home I have tons more cleaning to do.

Oh I have lost 5 pounds so far.

Snack: 100 calories chips ahoy thin crisps.
24 oz water

Dinner: Eating Right Potato Leak Soup 140 calories
3 oz chicken 100 calories
2 tbsps of On the Border salsa 10 calories
2 cup water

Total: 680 calories


  1. What's with today???
    I don't know how you didn't give in. My diet has been crap today so far. That's great you've lost 5 pounds already. Hope your sinus infection goes away soon.

  2. I will probably be sleep deprived until after Easter. Plus whenever I dont get sleep my allergies and sinuses are worse. If I can catch them early I can medicate myself the only thing with that is then I get way drowsy. I am not ready to call it a sinus infection just yet. Anyways thats spring for me.

  3. YES! I feel like Le Poo Poo!
    I have a sinus headache and my contacts always bother me during allergy season.
    Whoo hoo on the weight loss! I've lost 2-3 lbs so far.
    And my diet has been if'y today.
    I had a iced sugar cookie with E's class and one of his chicken nuggets...I couldnt let that golden deliciousness go to waste ;P