Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 9

Cup of water while getting ready for work like normal.

Breakfast: Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bar. 90 calories
20 oz Eating Right Pomegranite Acai Blueberry Vitamin Enhanced Water 0 calories.

Lunch 24 oz water
Campbells Selct Harvest Healthy Request Italian Style Wedding. 240 calories
My boss asked me if I wanted to go to taco bueno. Oh that was so hard to say no to. I so wanted a taco salad but I looked up the calories and sadly refused.

Side note: I have found I really have to pay attention to what I am eating or I will just gobble everything. When I get my food I have to distinguish how much a portion is and determine how many calories it has before I just eat. Also before when I was dieting I would not diet on the weekend but then the following Monday it would be so hard to get back on that diet routine. However this past weekend I didnt go off my diet and Monday morning I had no problem continuing my diet and I also didnt feel guilty. This weekend is gonna be really hard with a birthday party and Easter. I guess we shall see how I do.

Snack: Oatmeal & raisin granola bar 90 calories
Water 16oz

Dinner: 10 grapes 37 calories
Fajita mixture 3oz chicken 100 calories
Bell Pepper & Onion strips 50 calories
Grated chedder cheese 40 calories
Hot sauce 20 calories
Cup of water 8oz.

Total: 667 calories


  1. Good for you Karen. Same here, in the past I'd do okay during the week, but all bets were off on the weekends. I think the support we are giving one another has been really helping us!!!! I know alot of my will power has come from you guys over these last couple of weeks!!!!!!

    I too don't know what is to some of my diet over this coming up weekend. Maybe I should think of something for us to eat, like a fruit salad or something. What do you guys think?

  2. No you dont have to make anything special for me.