Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 8

2 cups of water while getting ready for work 16 oz.

Breakfast: 20 oz Eating Right Dragon Fruit Vitamin enhanced water 0 cal.
1 Nature Valley Oats N Honey Granola Bar. 90 cal.

Lunch: 16 oz of water
Eating Right Tomato Basil Pasto Soup 150 cal.

My boss and my coworker did the tour of Dallas bike ride on Saturday and they brought be back a couple of Vitamin Energy drinks. The ones they brought me are a little bigger than the ones I had before. I had asked them in advance that if they happened to give them away at the ride that they could toss them my way cause they are hard to find.

Snack: 16 oz water
1 pack of 100 calorie chips ahoy thin crisps

Dinner: Fajita with no tortilla 190 calories
my fajita mixturewas made up of 3oz of tyson chicken slices (1 serving), couple slices of bell peppers and onion all sauteed in a little bit of I can't believe its not butter.

Then I had 1/2 of colby jack cheese stick. 45 calories (I was planning on eating the whole thing but the boys saw me eating it and ran over to help me eat it.)
2 cup of water.

Total calories: 575


  1. how was that soup? that sounds yummy!

  2. They certainly are hard to find AND I am almost out!!!! Tell her to throw some my way too!!!

  3. Awwww stupid Viatmin Energy's!!!
    Why are they so hard to find?
    I hope they have some at the 5 mile run.
    Oh I still have to register for that.
    Has John registered?