Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Day 6

3/4 cup of frosted flakes 110 calories with 1/2 cup of whole milk 75 calories.
They said that was one serving but my gosh thats a lot less than I was eating. I need to buy some healthier cereal and milk this weekend.
2 cup of water 16oz.

4 skittles 20 calories.

Lunch Fajita chicken 100 calories. 1 totrtilla chip 10 calories
1 bottle of water 16oz

Snack 1 cup of water
I had a snack but I had left it in the car.

Dinner: 1 chicken strip 60 calories
1/4 cup of corn 40 calories
Spite Zero w/Coconut Rum. 86 calories
1 bottle of water 16 oz

Total calories: 501 calories

Liza when I went grocery shopping tonight I saw that La Lechers stuff so I bought a small can of it to try.


  1. You did great! How do you stay under 1000 calories????

    how was that sprite & rum

  2. It was good. I was trying to save my calories for Deep Ellum so i didnt really eat lunch yesterday.

  3. yeah, I was wanting to really chow down yesterday too, but there wasn't too much to chow down on. :(

    Oh, did you guys invite uncle robert over for easter?

  4. Yes we did, he will come if he doesnt do something with Silvia he said.