Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 18

Breakfast: 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 calories
12oz Dragonfruit Vitamin Water 75 calories

3cups of water

Lunch: Campbells Select Harvest Beef & barley Soup 150 calories
1 cup of water

Snack: 100 calorie chips ahoy thin crisps
2 cups of water

Dinner: Left over spaghetti with Chicken 350 calories no parmesagne cheese this time.
5 grapes 5 calories
2 orange slices 16 calories
1 cup of sweet tea 70 calories
Couple bites of the Hamburger helper I made for David I will say 30 calories

Then I had to drink one more cup of water so i would stop eating everything. Sure enough I was full.

Total calories 886.

Hopefully I wont eat anything else, however I am not sure about that cause I think I am in a bad place at the moment where I just want to eat and eat. I will have to pray tonight that I don't feel like this tomorrow.


  1. hey karen, when are you going to start another blog? i'd love to see the boys on a daily basis!

  2. I wouldn't mind doing one but i am so bad with pics. Plus our life isnt that exciting, and its a lot of the same thing. However I will try and start one this weekend.

  3. No its part of my eating disorder/issues. Something just comes over me and I couldnt control it yesterday just making me want to eat and eat even though I wasnt hungry. The weekend is gonna be hard for me though again.