Sunday, April 19, 2009


Breakfast:1 cup of water
1 Banana Nut muffin 210 calories.

OK I totally went off my diet yesterday

Lunch: We went to CiCi's pizza yeah I still cant do buffets cause I have no will power. So i had like a glass of Dr Pepper and like 4 slices of pizza.

We went to Joan's in the afternoon so David could help Carl chop down part of the tree that fell down on Friday so we stayed there pretty late and Carl ended up cooking out.
So I had like 5 grilled shrimp 2 regualar shrinp, 1 chicken strip and 1/2 of a steak with like a 1/2 cup of corn. I also had like to more Dp's. I think I had 1 skinny cow ice cream and I made lemon bars so I had one of those.

Well before I ate dinner my stomach got really upset at around 8:00 and I couldnt stay out of the bathroom till like 2:00 in the morning. So I am not sure but I keep finding that every time I go off my diet my body punishes me. So I am really just going to have to stick to my diet on the weekends and no buffets and no fried chicken.


  1. uggg! yep, that's prob your body telling you to stop. LOL I felt like that for about 2 days after easter weekend. I hope you are feeling better!