Monday, April 20, 2009

A New day

Ok my stomach is sore today but I am feeling better.

One cup of water while getting ready for work. I had a heck of a morning today.
Breakfast: 1 Nature Valley granola Bar 90 calories
1 cups of water

Lunch Campbells Select Harvest Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla soup 260 calories.
2 cups of water.

Oh yeah and I eat a stick of gum everyday so there should be 5 more calories added on to everyday that I work. I chew gum so I wont be tempted to eat so much. Oh and this morning before I left for work I went ahead and did 30 crunches.

Yesterday at the grocery store I bought some Weight watcher snack cakes and some Cherry Cola 0. I figured I might as well have some for the weekend when I am cheating might as well drink that insead of regular sodas.

Snack: Lorna Doone 100 calorie snack pack.
2 cups of water

Dinner: Lunchables pizza they come with three crusts and chedder and mozarella cheese. I ate two crusts with sauce mozarella cheese and I threw on a couple small pieces of chicken breast. I figure it was about 240 calories. I also had 1/3 of a banana nut muffin. (Aiden ate the rest) 70 calories. 3 cups of water up till now.

Total calories: 765 calories.
I will update my blog tomorrow if I do anymore exercises tonight. I did buy a cheap pedometer but I am not sure if it has a battery or not.


  1. 30 crunches! great. i'll have to do those just inspired me!

    glad your belly is feeling better.

  2. hey did you open your pedometer yet? john just found one of my old ones if you want it. it's just a simple one I got from a slim fast rep. i think it needs a new battery too. anyways, let me know if you want it.

  3. No i got it working. It was missing the tab.

  4. How good (or bad) is the Tortilla soup?? I've been wanting to try those but you can never tell with those things. Some are tasty and some are really bland so I've been putting off buying a can.

  5. The tortilla soup is their best one to me. I love anything mexican.