Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 24

Goodness I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 6:00 and I just feel so dead tired. Yesterday I ended up taking about 6200 steps. However I think I also might have had a button issue cause David had informed me I took a bunch of stes but it hadnt changed. Oh I am not wearing my pedometer today but I am gonna wear it tomorrow. I am also not going for a walk today but I am gonna go tomorrow. I figure every other day is good, but also today is gonna be too hot.

1 cup of water while getting ready.
30 sit ups

Breakfast; Vitamin Energy drink 100 calories 2 points
1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 calories. 3 points

Hey guys my granola bar has 90 cal, 3 fat grams, and 2 fiber grams. How many points is that, I dont have my info with me at work? Thanks guys.

10-11:00 3 cups of water

Lunch 1 can of Progresso roasted chicken with vegetables 140 calories and 2 points. (It tells me right on the can hee hee)
2 cups of water.

Snack 100 calorie pack of Oreo thin crisps 2 pts
3 cups of water
1 stick of gum 5 calories 1 point

Dinner: 1 Sloppy Joe sandwich (1/4 cup hamburger meat 170 cal, 4 pts, sloppy joe sauce 40 cal 0 pts. 1 bun 100 calories, 1 point)
1/4 cheese stick 27 calories and 1 pt
4 grapes 15 calories 1pt
3 cups of water

Total 787 calories, 17 points


  1. If I did it correctly, that'll be 3 points. And your energy drink is 2 points.

  2. Yup Yup you are correct Tonya.
    Today is Earthday?
    I thought it was a whole Earth week..hee hee.

  3. They act like it is earth week cause I have been hearing things on the radio the whole week. Happy Earth Day guys! Thanks for the point thing I am debating if I am gonna do points and calories like you Tonya.

  4. do them both...then you have all your a bases covered. oh, did you know the boys are coming over today? do you mind if they run out in the sprinklers?

  5. Yeah I put their swimsuits and suntan lotion in Aiden's bag.