Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 26

Oh I woke up this morning and could not breathe out of the left side of my nose. I felt so awful. I dropped the kids off and went to work but didnt stay very long cause my head was killing me and my nose was running and I couldnt stop sneezing. I think I either left my pedomter at my mother in laws or lost it.

1 cup of water while getting ready.
Breakfast 1 nature valley granola bar 90 cal. 2 pts.

Came home went to sleep and woke up not being able to breathe at all through my nose.

Lunch I decided to eat chip and hot salsa so maybe the salsa would open up my sinuses. It did help. One serving of 7 On the border chips 140 cal 3 pts, on the border salsa 3tbsp 15 cal 0 pts.
2 cups of water.

I brought some work home with me so now I am gonna do a little of that.

Snack 1 cup of Cherry Coke 0 0cal & 0 pts

I think I might be having chik Fila for dinner. Some I am trying to find something good to eat and not go over my calories or points.

Dinner Grilled chicken sandwich from Chick Fila 260 cal. 5 pts.
Small sweet tea 90 cal. 2 pts.
icecream cone 170 cal. 4 pts.

Late Night snack 1 cup of cherry coke 0 0cal 0pts.
8 Special K Multi grain crackers 45 cal 1pt.

Total 810 calories, 17 points.


  1. ewww! Hope you feel better. rest up, there's too much fun to be had on sunday to be sick.

  2. I am not really sick its just sinuses. Normally I do nose spray when I cant breathe but i couldnt even breathe anough to suck up the nose spray.

  3. wow you did great! R U feeling better?