Thursday, April 23, 2009


1 cup of water while getting ready this morning. I put my pedometer on my waiste and I am convinced the other day it wasnt working wight or I kept hitting the button. Its 9:30 and I have already taken 2,000 steps. I plan on going for a walk tonight and I just realized my pedometer can tell me how far I am walking. Duh Karen.
Breakfast 1 Nature Valley granola bar 90 calories 3 points
3 cups of water.

Lunch Campbells Italian wedding style soup 240 calories 2 points
3 cups of water

Snack 100 calorie pack of chips ahoy thin crisps 2 points

Dinner 1 cup of cherry coke 0 no calories 0 points
Made mesican chicken dinner(1/2 cup of whit rice 200 cal. 4 points, 3oz of chicken 100 cal 2 points, some cheese 40 calories 2 point, 1/4 cup of pace picante sauce 15 cal 0 points, some corn 20 calories 1 point.

I had a couple of Ryleys noodles to taste to see if they were done. 1 point 30 calories
2 cups of water

I have a cheap pedometer and it didnt count my steps while I was walking however I did walk 1.26 miles before dinner.

Total 17 points & 835 calories


  1. Your so good. I forgot to wear mine yesterday and today I can't find it Grrrr.
    So I will have to keep looking or buy one :(

  2. I just bought a pedometer today. I'm going to start using it tomorrow. 2,000 steps by 9:30 is awesome! Can't wait to see how many step you take today!

  3. Haha my pedometer is cheap I might get a new one. When I went for a walk I changed it to miles so I could see how far I was walking but it stopped counting my steps.