Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 23

I am very sleepy and I have allergies today. Not a good combo.
I drank one cup of water while getting ready for work this morning. I also strapped on my pedometer. Not sure if I can wear it all day because I am wearing a dress and I have a meeting to go to this afternoon. I was impressed though in like 20 minutes I had already taken 500 steps. I just bought a cheap 5.00 one from WalMart last night. They have better ones but for now this will do.
Breakfast: 1 nature Valley granola bar 90 calories
1 Vitamin energy drink 100 calories

I have a side note since I dont have another blog. Ryley made a little friend that lives across the street who is a girl. She reminds me a lot of Presley. When we were going home last night he said some things that gave me the impression that he likes to play with boys more than girls. He played well with her he just kept getting distracted. He asked me where his friends were and I said she went inside to eat. He said no momma the duded. He is so funny.

Lunch: Progresso light vegetable soup 140 calories
2 cups of water.

No Snack cause I was in a meeting during my 3:00 snack time.

We walked for 30 minutes with the kids and pulling them in the wagon. Not sure how far we walked but I know it was at least a mile round trip. 3 cups of water

Dinner: 2 cups of water and salad
My salad consisted of 1 1/2 c of lettuce 15 calories
4 thin slices of tomato 15 calories
3 oz of chicken breast 100 calories
1 of chedder cheese 40 calories
1 tbsp of salsa 5 calories
1 tbsp of ranch dressing 70 calories
I also had 5 small multigrain crackers 25 calories

Oh and I had one pice of gum 5 calories

Total:605 calories


  1. Oh Ryley! That's funny. It's nice to have a little friend to play with in the neighborhood. When are you going to start your other blog?

  2. How cute Karen!
    We all need to get together so the kids can play!
    Oh wait we'll do that Sunday.
    The kids will have a blast.
    Are you all taking extra clothes in case they get wet in the kid area?

  3. hey you can put your pedometer on your waist belt.

  4. I will take extra clothes now that you suggested it Liza. Tonya my dress doesnt have a waistebelt so I have it clipped on the top but its so cold in here so I have a like jacket on and it covers it. I dont take very many steps at work. Boo. Me and David are gonna try and go walking tonight. I could last night cause David went in to work early and I had errands.

  5. Damn we are doing great! I cannot beleive how all of our meals have changed from just a couple of weeks ago! Keep up the great work! Did you get to take your walk today?